Fighting the Fakes: A Step-by-Step Guide to build an effective Brand Protection Strategy

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The potential harm and risks from counterfeit goods and the rogue websites selling them is profound.

Fake goods are often bad quality and in most cases unsafe. Counterfeit electrical goods are not put through the same vigorous safety checks as legitimate items and are often very dangerous.


Likewise fake medicines, alcohol and food are not subjected to the same health and safety procedures as legal items and so the damage can potentially be fatal.

“Counterfeit goods, being of generally inferior quality, damage brands in the opinion of those that buy counterfeit versions unwittingly,”


It has become an essential for Brand Owners to protect their products in the market from counterfeits.. But How to start?  

ASEC Webinar 3.0 aims to provide a Step-by-Step guide for brand owners to build an effective Brand Protection Strategy that can minimize the potential risk to hard-earned reputation, revenues and, what is more important, customer trust.


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Event Info

Friday, 25th of September, 2020

05:00 PM (Malaysia Time) 


Hazem Ibrahim, Founder & CEO

Asias Security Group Sdn Bhd

Jerome Pichot, Business Development Director, Brand Protection, Europe & Asia

De La Rue

Prithipal Singh , Senior Director

Shah Eigen LLC

2 (Two) Hours

Ramesh Raj, Regional Director - Asia Pacific
Pharmaceutical Security Institute

Who Should Attend? 

CEOs,CMOs,COOs, Heads of Brand Protection/ Government Affairs/ Regulatory Affairs/ External Affairs/ Anti Illicit Trade Directors / Drug Security/ Anti-Counterfeiting Directors/ Head of Supply Chain & Supply Chain Security, Product Security Managers/ Head of Halal/ Packaging Development Managers/ General Counsel, IP Counsel and Legal Counsels representating Multinational and national brands in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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