Cracking down on Illicit Trade Activities: A Recovering Strategy from COVID-19 Pandemic 

Illicit Trade is defined as smuggling, counterfeit and tax evasion activities that cause governments to lose tax revenues, legitimate businesses to be undermined and consumers being exposed to unregulated or unsafe products.

These products include counterfeited or smuggled luxury goods, electronic products, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes that are usually sold illegally on the black market.

Illicit Trade causes the lose of billions in Tax revenue for governments; Funds that can then be channelled towards the COVID-19 economic recovery efforts.

This webinar will aim to share insights on actions and effective steps that Governments should be taking to tackle illicit trade activities and how collaboration between Law enforcements, Brand Owners and Technologies can be more effective.

"Strict action on illicit trade is critical at this time to recover billions of ringgit that can then be channelled towards the COVID-19 economic recovery efforts, says Retail and Trade Brand Advocacy (RTBA), a non-governmental organisation."

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Post-Webinar Report

Event Info

Wednesday, 15th of July, 2020


Dr Deborah Kay Elms, Executive Director 

Asian Trade Centre  

Hazem Ibrahim, Founder & CEO

Asias Security Group Sdn Bhd

11:00 AM (Malaysia Time) 

Heath Michael, Managing Director


Rodney J. Schaddee Van Dooren, Director , Illicit Trade Prevention Asia Pacific

Philip Morris International (PMI)

1 (One) Hour

Tony Lugg, Chairman, Asia Pacific

Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA)

Who Should Attend? 

CEOs,CMOs,COOs, Heads of Brand Protection/ Government Affairs/ Regulatory Affairs/ External Affairs/ Anti Illicit Trade Directors / Drug Security/ Anti-Counterfeiting Directors/ Head of Supply Chain & Supply Chain Security, Product Security Managers/ Head of Halal/ Packaging Development Managers/ General Counsel, IP Counsel and Legal Counsels representating Multinational and national brands in the Pharmaceutical Industry.





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