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Platinum Sponsor

Certiline Srl 

Certiline’s security packaging and machines create a 100% safe, smart and valuable ecosystem.

Leading worldwide for high-security solutions and packaging, Certiline srl manufactures tamper-proof security cases for minted gold bars and other precious items such as ingots, diamonds, medals, and coins.

Powered by the latest technology and machines, Certiline srl offers to the user an ecosystem of security services and solutions.

Certiline’s products create an adding value to your precious goods, embedding the highest security features with the possibility to check originality & integrity & geolocalization.

The CertiCard® is the patented high-security upgrade among other Certiline’s solutions and equipment. It offers the most advanced sealing solutions to protect Gold Bar Manufacturers, Mints and Major Gemological Institutes around the world from any counterfeiting attempts.


Silver Sponsor

Jura JSP

Jura is a global brand name as a reputed supplier of the security printing market, offering a wide range of security solutions from ID document personalization, high security prepress and plate-making solutions, to digital security and consultancy.


ID Document Personalization


Jura is the global pioneer in supplying security solutions against photo-replacement on ID documents. Jura's technology encodes invisible personal data into the portrait, directly linking the photograph both to the document holder and the document itself.


High-security Prepress Solutions


Jura’s design software packages are in function at more than 100 governmental and licensed security printers worldwide. The Corvina software family provides a complete solution for banknote and high-security design. Corvina Engraver, the world-leading software application is The 21st Century’s Digital Toolset for hand engravers and graphic artists.


Digital security printing - Brand Protection


Jura is offering design solutions for the fast-developing digital security printing market, has proprietary, worldwide-patented hidden-image technology to protect security products and enhance brand protection. Most of them can be detected by smartphone.




Jura provides versatile assistance in technical, design, and software development issues. This includes design and technical guidelines for consideration during banknote design and development processes to ensure functional banknotes within the cash supply value chain and ecosystem.


Gold Sponsor

VerifyMe Inc.

VerifyMe offers a range of brand protection technologies to authenticate products and packaging reducing product counterfeiting and diversion. These solutions can also be used to better engage your customers, saving money and increasing sales.

Brand Protection & Consumer Engagement experts



Bringing together 360º brand protection technologies to tailor anti-counterfeiting and diversion solutions to your and your clients’ unique needs.


Enhanced Exhibitor

Stardust Materials 

Since its inception in 1998, Stardust has been developing and commercializing state-of-the-art covert, luminescent technology for Currency/Document Authentication, Supply Chain Traceability, and Brand/Liability Protection.


It was founded by Drs. Edward and Vitaly Talyansky, father and son, both physicists with a focus on materials science. A lion share of its revenues and efforts is spent on constant innovation and expansion of its portfolio of taggants and detection instruments.


Stardust provides brand owners and government agencies with the ability to authenticate their products and materials at any point in the supply chain, from the production site to post-installation or return. Stardust is a major player in currency and tax stamp markets.


Its technology also enables brand owners to track and identify accurately potential diversion of goods, misuse, and counterfeits in their supply chains, enforce contracts, protect warranties, increase customer engagement, and make demonstrative sustainability claims. All Stardust's activities, from R&D to production, are performed at the secure facilities near Portland, Oregon.