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6th & 7th July, 2021
Conference & Exhibition
3rd Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protecti


Global Speaker


Keynote & Presentation


Companies Represented

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The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has dealt a severe blow to an already stressed global economy. The outbreak has provided counterfeiters with an opportunity to capitalize on consumer vulnerabilities, given the shortage in multiple product categories. This is primarily due to high demand and disruptions in the supply chain, as most manufacturing operations have been scaled down or suspended. The limited availability of products in the market across various sectors is creating a vacuum and may influence intermediaries to capture the market by supplying counterfeit and/or expired products.


The Virtual Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Conference will discuss the emerging challenges faced by Brand Owners and Government Agencies in combating Illicit Trade and Counterfeiters post-covid19 pandemic.

The Virtual conference will bring together an international audience of over 300 leading specialists discussing latest trends, developments, threats and solutions relating to illicit trade & counterfeiting across industries.

Along side the conference, an interactive virtual exhibition will showcase the latest security solutions for Brand Protection. 


The event offers the chance to discuss winning strategies, successful examples and innovative new technologies in a holistic approach through an interactive Panel Discussions, Case Studies & Presentations, as well as a vibrant Networking and Q&A Sessions.

Key Topics
  • Evolution of the Supply Chain: How COVID-19 had impacted brand safety and anti-counterfeiting efforts

  • COVID-19 and the global trade in counterfeit pharmaceutical products

  • Online Brand Protection: Shift in consumer behavior with a sharp increase in demand through e-commerce platforms

  • Free Trade Zones: How Counterfeiters profit from this Trade Facilitator

Proposals for papers to be presented at the Virtual High Security Printing & Brand Protection Conference are now invited.

Proposals can be emailed to

Proposals should be submitted as a 400-word summary of your paper, with an additional 150 word for the speaker biography presenting this paper.

Who Attends?
Brand Owners

CEOs,CMOs,COOs, Heads of Brand Protection/ Government Affairs/ Regulatory Affairs/ External Affairs/ Anti Illicit Trade Directors / Drug Security/ Anti-Counterfeiting Directors/ Head of Supply Chain & Supply Chain Security, Product Security Managers/ Head of Halal/ Packaging Development Managers/ General Counsel, IP Counsel and Legal Counsels representating Multinational and national brands in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Government Agencies

Customs Authority & Law Enforcement Agencies

Director Generals, Deputy Director Generals, Senior Managers and Law Enforcement Team 



Directors , Deputy Directors , Senior Managers from Ministry of Finance, Domestic Affairs, International Trade & Ministry of Health 

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Oil & Gas

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Central & Commercial Banks + Bank Note Issuing Authority

Encourage collaboration and exchange best practices between industries, regulators and policy makers. 

Who Attends?
2nd Virtual High Security Printing & Bra


We recognise the need for information, expert opinion and to connect with your peers and customers is vital during these challenging times.


Hazem Ibrahim

Asias Security Group

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What to Expect?
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  • Q1: What is a virtual event?
    Asias Security Group is focusing on an alternative solution that will provide an informative and engaging virtual experience, allowing participants to tap into various opportunities that was originally developed for the onsite experience, in a more convenient way, where everyone can access from the comfort of home. The Virtual High Security Printing & Brand Protection Conference & Exhibition invites participants to network, connect, share knowledge and most importantly, to acquire progressive recovery.
  • Q2: When will the registration open?
    A: Registration can be done through the following Link:
  • Q3: Will there be a live chat or Q&A session?
    A: Absolutely! Visitors will be able to engage in a live chat session with speakers and other visitors in both private and group chat. Yes, we will miss seeing you in person, but we look forward to meeting virtually!
  • Q4: Will there be a schedule and list of topics that will be presented on the webinar series?
    A: The schedule and list of topics will be updated soon. Excitingly, visitors will be receiving live notifications for the upcoming talks!
  • Q5: Would the webinar/conference still be accessible after the live sessions ended?
    A: Yes, the webinar/conference will be pre-recorded. Visitors can view the schedule and be able to search topics of interest and watch anytime.
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