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2023 Platinum

Sponsor and Exhibitor

Istanbul | Singapore | Dubai

Laava is the developer of the Laava Smart Fingerprint® - the world's first

secure, smartphone scannable and aloballv scalable alternative to QR codes. Lava provides class-leading digital authentication and consumer engagement solutions for products. documents and digital assets across the world.

Lava's distinctive and revolutionary Smart Fingerprint technology helps protect brands and consumers against the risk of counterfeits, fraudulent activitv and diversion - while simultaneousiv building consumer engagement. brand value and revenue through immersive digital experiences.


Lava's patented computer-vision technology is the result of years of R&D in collaboration with peak scientific and cybersecurity organisations.

Laava is fast, easy and cost effective to deploy at global scale - and can be fully white-labelled or integrated into any technology platform, printing solution or partner offering.


The Lava team looks forward to meeting delegates to discuss our brand

protection solution: the Laava Smart Fingerprint®.

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  • Hear Gavin Ger

Gavin Ger is an entrepreneur and commercial specialist with 25+ years in

start-ups. management consulting and technoloay.

He is passionate about innovation, disruptive technology and the power of collaboration and empowerment. He is CEO and Co-Founder of Laava - helping to build The Global Mark of Trust™ Hear Gavin Ger address delegates on the power of connected packaging

for brand protection and consumer engagement with his presentation:

"Secure Connected Packaging - Get your

packaging to work harder (and make you money!)"


Gavin Ger

CEO and Co-Founder


Fotini Delgado

Chief Operating Officer


Anthony Belasco

Global VP - Brand  &

Document Security


Perry Everett

Laava Smart Fingerprints®-
The Global Mark of Trust™

The world's first digitally verifiable, globally scalable alternative to OR codes.


Transtorm vour products into secure
connected products. Enable consumers to authenticate and engage at point of purchase and beyond.


Ask us about Laava's new
Nanoprint security ink solution.

Invisible anti-copv security laver over the smart Fingerprint that can be scanned with a smartphone. Added security plus all the benefits of Lava's consumer engagement and cata analvrics features. Can also be used as a standalone securitu laver over a brand logo.


Looking for details? Our Lava Overview Deck delivers all the technical information as well as inspiring case studies

Hear first about our latest events. partnershios. global counterfeit news and special Laava smart Fingerprint offers with our regular newsletter.


Laava bartnered with Reid Fruits to achieve a drastic reduction in counterfeit attempts. Our integrated solution takes in not onlv authentication and brand protection but also document verification or supplier certificates and asset integrity for packaging and labelling.


All around the world, in every sector, businesses are using Laava Smart Fingerprints® to protect their brands and colvercess-eacina consumer


"Our customers know now that genuine Biogency products have the Laava authentication codes.
Compared with traditional OR codes, which we know can lead to fake landing pages. the uniqueness of the
Laava Smart Fingerprint equate to brand protection.
brand protection. And our customers love the Laava scanning experience.
Jimmy Tan, Sales and Marketing
Director. Biodency


Proudly exhibiting at the
ASIA Security Conference
& Exhibition.

Visit our exhibition to
learn how Laava can
protect your brand.

Contact us to discover how Laava Smart Fingerprints® can work for your business.

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