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Brand Protection in the Gulf Region & Links to the World

Illicit Trade is defined as smuggling, counterfeit and tax evasion activities that cause governments to lose tax revenues, legitimate businesses to be undermined and consumers being exposed to unregulated or unsafe products.

These products include counterfeited or smuggled luxury goods, electronic products, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes that are usually sold illegally on the black market.

This Webinar will address the following main questions:

  • What countries supply the gulf region with counterfeits?

  • What countries receive illicit products from the Gulf region?

  • What are the international aspects of Brand protection in the middle east?

Event Info


Tuesday 23rd August, 2022

03:00 PM (UAE TIME)

1 (One) Hour

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Hazem Ibrahim, Founder & CEO

Asias Security Group Sdn Bhd


Axel Hein, Managing Director

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Arun Sebastian, Assistant Manager, Marketing 

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Hadi Alkanani, Global Relations Manager - Brand Protection MENA

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Kamal Sharma, Senior Manager & Senior Counsel, Global Brand Protection | IMEA

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This is an ApiraSol Event

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